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23rd August – Win A Free ‘No Strings’ £25 Free Bet

The 2013/14 English Premier League starts this Saturday, 17th August and to celebrate we have teamed up with the good people of Sky Bet to create the inaugural ‘FBG Goal’den Goals Competition’.

Up for grabs every week is a completely free, no strings attached, £25 bets!

And, best of all, ANYONE can enter.


We will be running the competition for the next two Saturdays (17th and 24th)


The Football Betting Guide “Goal’den Goals” Competition

We all love goals, it is one of the most exciting parts of watching a football match and now you can watch all the weekend action unfold with a free bet riding on it. Just think, each goal that goes in could be inching you closer to a completely free £25 bet

The ‘goal’ is incredibly simple – Just guess the total number of goals scored, along with the first team to score (By minute) in case of a tie break, and you could be landing yourself a £25 free bet from Sky Bet



• In order to win a free £25 bet, you obviously need a Sky Bet account. These are free to open and, in doing so, you can also qualify for another £10, no deposit, free bet along with a weekly £5 no deposit free bet (T&Cs apply)

If you don’t have an account already, you can get one here.

• To enter the competition you MUST place a bet with SkyBet but, fear not, this can be on anything and the minimum stake is just 50p.

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• Once you have placed a bet with Sky Bet (min 50p) post your prediction AND the bet confirmation number on the comments section of this page for the football action on commencing on the 23rd August (We will create a new page for the action on the 24th August)

• The winner will be the person gets closest to correct the total number of goals scored on that weekends English Premier League fixtures (Games covered will be from the Friday to the Monday)

• Entries close when the first EPL match gets underway

• Simply comment below with the following information

 - Total Goals Prediction

 - First team to score (Measured by goal minute, not date)

 - Your bet placement confirmation number


So, what are you waiting for?!

Pop over to Sky Bet now, get your bet on and then get your entry in below.

May the best man/woman win!

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6 thoughts on “23rd August – Win A Free ‘No Strings’ £25 Free Bet

  1. 22 goals
    Man CIty

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  2. 24 goals

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  3. Congratulations James on winning this weeks free bet from SkyBet. We’ll be in touch via email to arrange getting this allocated to your account.

    Jon – FootballBettingGuide.net

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  4. 22 goals

    Manchester City


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  5. HiWas there a Goal-den goal competition last weekend ?I submitted an entry on August 30th but have seen any other entries or comments.

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  6. Hi Martin,

    Sorry, we have put the comp on hold as there was a low uptake last week. We will be running something else in the future and we’ll keep you posted!


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