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A Guide To Spread Betting In-Play


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Your Guide To Spread Betting In-Play 




Introduction To Spread Betting In-play


One of the attractions of spread betting is that markets for a wide variety of sports can be traded in–running. In-play, live or in-running betting are terms for the same thing which is placing bets as the action unfolds.

Live betting has been one of the massive growth areas of sports betting. This growth is set to continue as companies present an ever increasing number of sports and events to bet on during play.

Before the onset of the internet and exchange and spread betting there was a limited amount of live bet opportunities. The most that could be bet on in betting shops was the three way in soccer matches. It seemed to take an inordinate amount of time for odds to be updated after a goal.

A glance at the websites of the major bookmakers now shows how important live betting is for these firms. Each has a calendar of events and the most prolific offer over 100 in-play events every day.

The emergence of dedicated sports channels has contributed to these developments. There is now very little live sport on terrestrial TV but Sky Sports in the UK now has seven channels devoted to sport and the schedules include many live events.

Spread betting has also seen significant growth in the last 20 years. IG Index were the first firm to enter the market in 1974 but there one product was betting on the price of gold. The financial spread betting model has been adopted for betting in this way on sport.

Sporting Index now have 70% of the sports spread betting market. This company has the most extensive range of events and markets. Live spread betting now accounts for a significant amount of turnover and the following sports are the most popular in terms of spread betting as the action takes place.


Spread Betting In-Play – Soccer


Soccer accounts for about 50% of betting turnover on the internet. Before the emergence of the web horse racing accounted for most bets in traditional British betting offices. The emergence of more sports orientated firms has led to a massive growth in football betting.

The spread betting firms take more money on soccer than any other sport. Turnover increases significantly when a match is shown live on television. Sporting Index advertise that they have over 100 hundred updated markets for an important fixture that is televised live. The following markets are the most popular:


Spread Betting In-Play - Match Supremacy


The supremacy market is the most basic spread betting soccer market and is the equivalent of the three-way in traditional betting. The beauty of betting on supremacy markets is if a goal goes in favour of the bettor he can close his bet to guarantee a profit. Conversely if the goal goes against projections losses can be limited by placing a counter bet.

At the start of each match the spread firms work out by how many goals they believe one team will beat another. The spread is rarely expressed in whole goals which means the number quoted will ideally attract equal two way money. The spread forms are then not concerned about the result as their profits are guaranteed through commission.

The scoring of one goal can shift the spread so that the original outsiders then become the favourites. The line moves as time passes and significant events take place such as a goal, penalty or sending-off. Supremacy markets are updated right until the final whistle and a late goal in particular can case dramatic movements in the spread.


Spread Betting In-Play -Total Goals


Betting on the total goals in a soccer match is another very popular spread bet. The spread is devised based on team statistics and will be relatively high in a match involving two high scoring teams. The total goals in a match is also related to the supremacy market.

If there is a strong favourite in a match they are likely to score plenty of goals. However, the underdogs are less likely to score and the disparity in ability between the two sides will influence the spread for the number of goals in a match.

The spread for the total number of goals moves at a pro-rata rate as goals are scored. The spread moves on the assumption that if there are two goals in the first half of a match there is likely to be the same number of goals after the half time break.

Spread bettors will bet based on this assumption but it is definitely the case that the rate of goals scored in a match will often slow down over time, especially if there are a number of early goals. This trend provides plenty of opportunities to sell the total goals in running when goals are scored in the first half.


Spread Betting In-Play - Tennis


The first live tennis bet was offered in 2003 and since then this sport has become the second most popular after soccer for trading in-running. One of the major attractions of betting in-play for this sport is the fluctuations that can take place from point to point.

In soccer there is a limited number of significant events such as a goal, penalty or sending-off. However, the tennis scoring system means that the loss of one point can have a great effect on a player’s potential chance of winning a match.

Points can also be completed in one stroke with an ace or long rallies can develop. Momentum is a massive factor in a tennis match and sometimes even over the playing of one point a player can gain a significant ascendancy over the opponent. These shifts in momentum are reflected in the updated betting markets.


Spread Betting In-Play - Match Supremacy


The match supremacy market in tennis is an expression of the number of games more that the favourite will win compared to the underdog. The supremacy line is related to the prices in the two way market in traditional betting. A favourite is expected to win more games than his opponent and this is reflected in the spread.

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Tennis is possibly the most volatile sport in the context of betting in running. Exchange, traditional and spread markets move from point to point and it is quite common for both players to be the favourite at different stages of a match.

The most significant event in a tennis match is a break of serve and when this happens the supremacy spread will shift significantly. One break of serve can make the original favourite the underdog but markets tend to overreact when this happens.

Like other tennis markets the supremacy spread will move after the first set is completed. In three set men’s matches 70% of the first set winners then win the second set to close out the match. Even so the markets still tend to overreact which provides an opportunity to sell the games supremacy of the player who wins the first set.


Spread Betting In-Play - Total Games


If there is a strong favourite in a tennis match the number of games in the match will be projected to be relatively low. If Novak Djokovic plays somebody ranked number 100 in the world he will be a short price to win the match in straight sets. The favourite is unlikely to be broken so will concede a small number of games.

Obviously there is likely to be fewer games in a match decided n two sets compared to a match that is decided in a third set. That means there is a relationship between the supremacy market and the total number of games in a tennis match. Consequently if the favourite wins the first set there will be a significant shift in the number of games in a match.

A break of serve is again the most significant event in the context of the number of games in a match. The move will be greater if the outsider breaks serve which causes the projected number of games to increase. If the favourite breaks serve the line will move in the opposite direction.


Spread Betting In-Play - Golf


One of the main features of spread betting in-running in golf is the time it takes for each event to be completed. Test matches in cricket are played over five days but most of the other most popular spread betting sports take place over a number of hours rather than days.

A spread bet on golf can be settled over two days, based on which players make or miss the cut. However, if a player qualifies to play over the weekend any bets left to expiry can only be settled once the 72 holes of a tournament have take place. A spread bettor can have an interest from Thursday morning until Sunday night with plenty of opportunities to close a position over that spell of time.

The length of time involved in golf tournaments provides plenty of opportunities to close a bet to guarantee a profit or limit potential losses. There are also long periods of natural breaks between the end of play one day and the start of play the next day.


Spread Betting In-Play - 72 Hole Supremacy


Golf is one sport in which form can change from one day to the next or even within a round. Playing the sport consistently well over a sustained period of time can be difficult for even the best players. An average round can be transformed by one long putt or holed approach shot.

The psychology of golf is a fascinating subject with factors such as a player’s age, whether he has become a father and the success of a compatriot seen as key elements in determining how well a player performs. Form can be so transient that there have been instances of a first round leader missing the cut after a poor second round.

Apparently one of the most difficult rounds for a professional golfer is the one following a very low score. The shifts in form that can beset any payer makes for dramatic fluctuations in the in-running betting markets.

In any 72 hole match bet a player that makes a good start can falter while his opponent recovers from a poor round to post a much lower score in his next round. A favourite can become an outsider and the final outcome will not be known until the end of play on Sunday afternoon.


Spread Betting In-Play - Finishing Position


At the start of most golf tournaments the spread firms will quote a spread for the finishing position for a select group of players, usually the shortest priced in traditional betting. There is a direct relationship between the price for a player to win a tournament and his finishing position spread.

Over the course of the four days of a tournament there can be fluctuations in form that have a significant bearing on the price movements for the finishing position for the limited number of players. The spread will move in response to scores recorded by a quoted player relative to the other players in this market.


Spread Betting In-Play - Cricket


A cricket match can last for anything between four hours and five days. The spectrum of formats goes from a short Twenty20 match to a five day Test. In any format of the game prices can change dramatically. In Twenty20 matches a six or a wicket causes big movements. Even though Test matches develop at a slower pace when a key batsmen is dismissed the spread will change.

Another feature of cricket that lends itself to spread betting is the significance of numbers. Runs, wickets, extras and maidens are all expressed as a number and these events are used by spread firms to quote lines for the sport. Match positions can also fluctuate from over to over which makes the sport ideal for trading and closing out spread bets.


Spread Betting In-Play - Match Performance


There can be three outcomes to a Test match: home win, draw, away win. One Day Internationals and Twenty20 matches rarely fail to produce a definite result and even in matches affected by the weather the Duckworth-Lewis formula is applied to determine the outcome.

Spread firms assign points to how each side performs in any kind of match. Typically for a Test match the winning side will be given 25 points, a draw earns 10 points and no points are awarded to the losing team. The spread will move from over to over but the biggest adjustments are made after the completion of an innings.

Over the course of a Test match there can be swings in momentum or form. Even in this long version of the game a spell of bowling or a few overs of big hitting will result in the performance spread being adjusted. Weather interventions also play a part and the final outcome may not be known until the fifth day and in some rare cases the last session of play.


Spread Betting In-Play - Total Number Of Runs


The total number of runs in any form of cricket can be an extremely volatile market and the risks involved can be many times the original stake. In a Test match there could be anything from say 500 to 1600 runs, depending on the total hours of play and the ascendancy of the batsmen over the bowlers.

The original spread may be an accurate reflection of the total but then a severely disrupted day of play can have a massive bearing on the eventual total. Potential weather delays are written into the prices and market makers and bettors can refer to weather forecasts in making their decisions.

Batting collapses are also significant events in determining the total number of runs in a match. A tail ender may contribute an unexpected amount of runs and his total will then influence the spread and the final total at which bets are settled. Volatility can work in favour of both bookmaker and bettor and this is why spread betting on cricket and these other sports will continue to grow.

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Have you tried Spread Betting in-play? Are you interested but also wary of giving it a try? Let us know your spread betting experiences below

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