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Horse Racing

Aanu Adeoye writes

Editorial | Article posted on February 25th, 2015

The FA, indeed nobody, wants Chelsea to win the Premier League title and that is as clear as the noon day. How we got to this seemingly hasty conclusion may seem mysterious but not to worry, there’s Jose Mourinho on hand to explain it all. What would we do without him, the man whose favourite pasttime is revealing obscure facts to us, lowly mortals. “I’m happy that I’m not stupid and I understood everything a couple of months ago,” he began, with the smugness of a high-earning psychic content with his ‘prophecy’ and fat bank account.
Never mind that his Chelsea side wasted a glut of chances and Burnley ‘keeper Tom Heaton was in inspired form between the sticks, it was the devilish FA and their band of incompetent referees that have made it a point of duty to prevent them from winning. “If you tell me this story that started a couple of months ago finished today and now we have 12 matches to play with an advantage of five points, I tell you [we will be] champions. But I don’t know if that story ends here or if you have more waiting for us,” Mourinho continued in his post match conference rant.
Never mind that Nemanja Matic got himself needlessy sent off by shoving Ashley Barnes to the ground in a fit of kindergarten petulance that was not only downright stupid but also grossly inadequate. Inadequate because when Abou Diaby got himself sent off for a similar offence on Joey Barton in 2011, he grabbed his opponent by the scruff of the neck before flinging him to the turf in true pantomime villain fashion before earning himself a well-deserved early shower. Granted, Barnes could have broken his leg with the follow-through but if you’re going to earn a red card and a three-match ban in the process, it’s better to make it worth everyone’s time not through a cowardly push from behind that reminded viewers of their 4-year old selves arguing with their siblings over who got the largest chunk of chocolate. “Have you ever seen Chelsea win an appeal?” was Mourinho’s pithy response to the idea of appealing the red card. Except for the time they won the appeal for John Terry’s red card on Jo in 2008, he’s right, they’ve never won an appeal.
Mourinho has a lot to deal with: their rivals Manchester City flouting FFP rules while his own brave minnows have just £27m to spend on Juan Cuadrado, the FA’s dogged determination to see them lose the title, Jamie Redknapp’s evil and persistent victimisation of Diego Costa, a band of largely incompetent match officials continually getting major calls wrong and ballboys refusing to return the ball

Horse Racing
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Horse Racing

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Horse Racing