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Horse Racing


Football Betting Guide & System Lays Affiliates & Referral Partner Program


High, Recurring Commissions

We pay  45% commission on every single sale across our whole portfolio ! We use the highly regarded Infusionsoft platform and pay our affiliates once a month.

We also pay sub affiliate agreements to selected partners who refer other affiliates in to our program. If this is of interest to you, please mention it with your application.


Market Leading Cookies

We offer 180 day cookies to all leads that you generate in our system. This means that you can comfortably just promote our free products and giveaways and if those sign ups then purchase one of our products, you will earn a commission. Simple!

You can of course promote any of our products directly as well and earn the commission on those sales.


Honest, Trusted and Committed  - Your Customers are safe with us

We have been around since 2006 with SystemLays.co.uk and latterly with our newer platforms (listed below). We are well respected within the community and the betting public at large. We are known for providing high quality, and often free, horse racing and sports news and betting tips. Betting guides, systems and strategies

You can rest assured that we value our strong following of over 15,000 members and we will look after any customers you send us in the same way.


Main Properties:






How does it work?

At the current time we are bringing on referral partners and affiliates manually. To join our program simply email me at admin at systemlays.co.uk for more information.

Once you are signed, we will create a personal affiliate platform for you which will contain all of your links, marketing materials and free giveaways.

Simply promote your link or content to your friends, family or through online advertising. When someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, either immediately or over the next 180 days, you automatically receive 45% of the sale price (First sale can be as high as £35.10), with the potential for long term and ongoing monthly commissions from each sale (Up to £35.10 per month, per sale). It really is that simple.

Horse Racing

Front end:

We have a wide variety of free giveaways including betting systems, strategies and ebooks. Customers love these and sign up in high volume.

Alternatively, you can promote our products directly and receive instant commissions. Remember, if the customer buys more than one product during the 180 days you can earn multiple times (on top of the recurring commissions)

Back End:

Our products and services are high value and they sell themselves. We also on a regular basis promote these to our customer base so you have many multiple opportunities to earn high, recurring, commissions from just one lead.

These products and services include:

Phantom Lays

Final Score, Football Betting

System Lays Betting Club

Expect high EPCs and tiny refund rates. These products are high performing and the users love them.

If you feel you can do high volume or high lead sign ups then email me and we can work out a bespoke deal for you.

We are also open to ad swaps and promoting your own products, in return, at the appropriate time. If this is of interest to you, please also mention this when applying.




hi Jon according to my infusion platform. I sent 1283 unique clicks. 
1118 optins according to my affiliate center. 
87.13% opt in rate. 
just wanted to say that this is the best converting offer I have sent out EVER and the freebie is going down well with my subscribers.
please feel free to use this testimonial email to other affiliates. they should also do well with promoting your launch.
James Fitzmaurice - BettingSystemTruths.com

Email me at admin at systemlays.co.uk to discuss joining the program



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Horse Racing

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