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For those of you unfamiliar with Asian handicap betting, seeing those plus and minus numbers next to the odds could be confusing.  That’s why, here at the Football Betting Guide, we’ve provided you with this handy guide to Asian handicap betting, as well as tips to go with it.  So whether you fancy United to beat Swansea with a 2 goal head start or Reading to still lose to Chelsea despite a 1 goal head start, we’ve got everything for you here under one roof.


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The premise of the handicap bet is simple: the bookmakers consider one team to be so likely to win the match that they give them a handicap.  By giving the expected winner a -1, it means that if they win 1-0, their goal is subtracted, leaving them with a draw.  So an odds on favourite can be at evens with a handicap, for example.  The other way of doing things is to add or subtract half points from scores.  This means that there can be no draw in the results of the betting: it’s not really possible to score half a goal, after all.


What Asian handicap betting gives you is better odds if you’re certain your pick is going to completely thrash the opposition.  While, in some cases, the odds are going to be crazy (any game involving San Marino, for instance), most of the time you can find a favourable change in the odds.  How it differs from predicting the score, however, is that it can be any combination after the handicap has been removed.


Asian Handicap Example

Asian Handicap Example – +/- 0.5


Bookmakers are increasingly using Asian handicap betting to lure punters into their games, so it’s important that you find out what chances each team has.  So while you’re here checking out the Asian handicap bets available, why not have a look at the form guides for the teams involved: here at the Football Betting Guide we provide you with a whole host of stats so you can shape your bets exactly as you’d want.


While you are here, why not download our free 5 part guide to Asian Handicap Betting

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