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Best Soccer Betting Markets for 2013

Betting Strategies, Featured, Football Betting Tips, Spread Betting | Article posted on April 29th, 2013

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Popular Soccer Bets for 2013



Introduction to Soccer Betting Markets


Soccer markets outside the regular ones like the 1X2 are set to boom at the expense of the more traditional betting markets. The availability of statistics and live television coverage is resulting in a growth of new markets that focus on specific aspects of a game.


Before the onset of the internet and dedicated sports channels the traditional form of soccer betting was on a coupon issued by bookmakers several days before matches were scheduled to take place. The range of leagues and markets was limited but the onset of more sports orientated websites and the growth of exchange betting has helped in the development of new soccer markets.


Soccer betting is a key area for bookmakers and the market is very competitive. Bookmakers can now advertsise on television and the major operators use this media to promote new bets and offers. Several relatively new markets are set to continue to grow and the most popular are described below:


Best Soccer Betting Markets – Both Teams to Score


Betting on both teams to score has seen a massive growth over the last two years and its popularity can continue to grow as bettors like to bet on things to happen rather than not to happen. The market on both teams to score has been around for some time but marketing surrounding the bet from major bookmakers has helped its growth.


The bet is self-explanatory and involves betting that each side in a soccer match will score a goal. One of the attractions of the bet is that once a goal is scored the bet is active until the end of a match. A goal in added time can transform a losing bet to a winning bet.


The coupon for both teams to score is the second most popular after the weekend long list. Multiple bets are allowed so a bettor can pick out several games and accumulate the odds. The bet has probably ruined the game for football followers who work as odds compilers as they are now hoping for clean sheets.


The bet has been branded well by several major bookmakers. The typical punter will be watching Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports and waiting for goals to be announced. Initially the price was 4/5 for all matches but now in most matches there will be a clear favourite and outsider.


Best Soccer Betting Markets – Assists


Things move quickly in the betting world and bookmakers are constantly looking to devise innovative markets. One trader believes his firm have a potential winner with their assist market, a bet only introduced at the start of the current season.


The attraction of this bet is that it is one that younger punters can understand. Millions of people love Fantasy Football and many of those will be new to betting. They understand assists as they earn them points so could be attracted to wagering on this element of the game.


Youngsters are moving away from double result, scorecasts and correct score markets and that type of coupon is now becoming increasingly less popular. More coupons are now being aimed at the Soccer Saturday type of customers.


Bookmakers report that stakes on the assist markets are not massive. However, on a busy Premier League weekend multiple business is excellent and it is always the same players who are popular. Gareth Bale, David Silva, Nicky Shorey, Leighton Baines and Santi Carzola attract the most business.


Best Soccer Betting Markets – Man of the Match

Social media is now crucial in promoting new bets and one market that has benefited from Twitter is the man-of-the-match market. Towards the end of every Sky televised match the pundit selects the man-of- the-match and the recipient is then highlighted on the screen.

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Bookmakers have been staggered by the interest in this market. One major operator is committed to pricing up every televised Premier League match. They have admitted that they were too big about some of the star forwards but now appreciate the variables that have to be considered when compiling prices.


In order to be more accurate with their prices bookmakers are compiling a database of co-commentators to see if there are any patterns. Gary Neville and Alan Smith are regular co-commentators on Sky matches. One was a defender and the other a striker so key to identifying trends is whether Neville favours defenders and Smith favours forwards.


The winning teams does not automatically provide the man-of-the- match. A goalkeeper may make a series of great saves and be beaten just once by a decisive goal. Forwards from the winning team are more likely to receive the reward. In any case this market provides an interest throughout the game while a first goalscorer bet can be a loser in seconds.


Best Soccer Betting Markets – Over/Under Goals



This bet has been available for some time but is becoming increasingly popular as bettors are looking to focus on positive aspects of a game. The majority of punters like to bet on goals but the odds reflect the balance of the business on the two options.


The average number of goals in soccer matches across all countries and leagues is remarkably consistent. There are variances in relatively high or low scoring leagues but generally the average number of goals in a soccer match is marginally less than 2.5.


Consequently the first Over/Under goals market was for 2.5 goals. However, it is now possible to bet on the number of goals in a match from 0.5 to 9.5. In-running betting means the odds constantly change and to the most degree when a goal is scored.


This market provides an edge when laying the number of goals. Without careful examination of statistics it is difficult to be totally convinced but the scoring of goals does tend to slow down when more than the average are scored in the first half.


Best Soccer Betting Markets – Goal In Each Half


Most soccer matches have a goal in each half but without sifting through reams of past records the exact percentage is difficult to ascertain. The odds for a goalless draw in a soccer match can be anything from 7/1 to 20/1. The favourite in the correct score betting market is 2-0 to the favourites but a one all draw is one of the next most lowest options.


Statistically a soccer match will produce more than two goals and there is a greater probability of both goals being scored in different halves rather than the same half. A goal in each half is the favourite in this market and this again reflects bettor’s preference for backing goals rather than no goals.


One of the attractions of this bet is that it can last at least one half but more often than not the whole of the game. Once a goal is scored in the first half the bet will only expire at the end of the match.


Best Soccer Betting Markets – Bookings (Yellow and Red Cards)


Betting on red and yellow cards received a boost when spread betting firms began to trade on these markets. Points are awarded for yellow and red cards and bettors can bet on the points tally being above or below a specified number.


Traditional bookmakers and exchange operators now offer markets on the discipline aspect of the game. It is now possible to bet on the number of cards in a match, the total awarded to each side and a match bet between the sides.


Statistics can be very useful in assessing the potential number of bookings in a match. Each side’s recent record has to be considered but also the statistics for the referee. Certain referees prefer to discipline players without booking them while others are more likely to reach for a card when a serious foul has been committed.



We hope you enjoyed our look at the Best Soccer Betting Markets available to punters for 2013. Have we missed any soccer betting markets that you use regularly? Any other betting markets you would be interested in learning strategies for?



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