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Diary on tour – part 3

Editorial | Article posted on February 23rd, 2015

This week recalled the worst shameful episodes and weaknesses of football. It was about time that somebody spoke up, and it was perhaps a little galling that it took some spectacularly egregious incidents for them to be listened to, and for the wider world to concede that yes, there might be a problem. It can no longer be swept under the carpet – we’ve all seen the video, we all know the fallout.
But even then, people can deny it and obfuscated. People claimed that they weren’t sure that the images were showing exactly what were reported. Yes, we could see who was involved, and in this day and age it’s easier than ever to identify the culprits, but the exact circumstances, and the nature of intent, was not as clear-cut as it was initially claimed. Of course it looked terrible, but surely nobody would be acting in such a way in the 21st Century – have things changed so little, onlookers and pundits wondered. Something, as the saying goes, must be done.
And in the age of social media, the defenders remained provocative and pervasive. They got their voice out and spread their own arguments, some of which were picked up by the papers, some of which were mocked by others on the same social media platform. In America they have a wider culture war, but in Britain it’s more about particular groups being targeted. We have our own problems and they can no longer be ignored. The political and commentating classes have failed to properly intervene, and have often made things even worse.
One prominent football man led the complaints for one display of hatred. He went at it so hard and so aggressively that it spooked a satellite channel into changing its lineup on its football analysis flagship show. Of course those providing coverage have to react to the latest news, but it seems somewhat craven to react so quickly in the face of a little bit of pressure and potential controversy when one of the possible guests wants to take on such a vast, hateful problem.
Others wondered about the other incident, when Chelsea disgraced themselves more generally, and pointed out that this was embedded in the history of the club. This wasn’t the first time they’d acted with such naked aggression, or tried to intimidate one figure. This wasn’t the first time that people in a position of relative authority had abused their privileges, and yet Chelsea had not acted properly in the past to make it clear that this was totally unacceptable and something that needs to be kicked out of football.
Further still, some considered whether that yes, while Chelsea had a long history of involvement in stuff

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