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FA Cup clockwatch – live! | John Ashdown

Football News | Article posted on February 24th, 2014

Coming soon to a clockwatch near you: Charlton. Hull City. Brighton. Sheffield Wednesday. Four teams. Two matches. One aim …… the FA Cup sixth round.OK, OK, this isn’t exactly the cast list you’d select for a Hollywood blockbuster of Monday night football, but it’s intriguing nevertheless. You’ve got the prospect of a Steel City derby in the quarter-finals, with the winner of Wednesday and Charlton at Hillsborough crossing the city to play United in the last eight. And there’s also the prospect of a reunion between Gus Poyet and Brighton, with Sunderland awaiting the winners of Hull and Brighton at the KC Stadium. And, rather ludicrously, the winners tonight will be 90 minutes away from a trip Wembley.Even more ludicrously, these teams are being forced to play 48 hours after league fixtures on Saturday due to daft Uefa regulations concerning the Champions League. Just how Brighton and Hull manage if they go to extra-time (there game is a replay, Wednesday and the Addicks are playing for the first time following a waterlogged pitch) remains to be seen.The Owls haven’t been to the last eight since 1996-97, which is a fair wait for a club of that size, but Brighton haven’t seen the sixth round since 1985-86 , three years after they came close to beating Manchester United in the final.So this may not be a big-budget pyrotechnic-fuelled star-studded Oscar-winning adventure, but it’s could be a low-key indie success story for someone. It’s worth buying a ticket. And you can have as much popcorn as you like.
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