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How To Bet On Cheltenham: 10 Steps To Making A Profit

Betting Strategies | Article posted on February 19th, 2015

Published: 19th February 2015
What are the keys to a profitable Cheltenham Festival? What mistakes do many punters make when betting on Cheltenham? To accompany the launch of our 2015 Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide, today our racing editor Stephen Harris shows us how to bet on Cheltenham 2015 and beat the bookies.
With the Cheltenham Festival just around the corner, there is a palpable sense of excitement among racing fans. But when it comes time to bet on Cheltenham, it is all too easy to get sucked into the atmosphere and lose all sense of punting and financial perspective.
The question is, as it is each year, how to bet on Cheltenham and make a profit? When betting on Cheltenham, many people end up blowing months of diligent, disciplined betting just because they are “pumped” for four days of top class action. It is important to develop strategies and here we have compiled 10 suggestions to successfully navigate the best week of the year.
#1 – Avoid the hyped up and overbet top trainers and horses
Every festival has “bankers” and “certainties” that the public at large latch onto and send off ridiculously short prices in what remains fiercely competitive racing. They are sent off at cramped odds as though it was a five runner race at Plumpton or Thurles on a Monday, as all sense of value and perspective goes straight out the window.
These “superstars” are usually unbeaten (even if they have only beaten a handful of horses in slowly run races on much softer ground), and belong to top owners with a reputation for having winners at this meeting. This season, Nicky Henderson’s Peace and Co fits the bill, with his current offer of under 2-1 farcical given the nature of the Triumph hurdle (plus the fact to my eye he has an ungainly head carriage when ridden).
#2 – Keep the staking to a minimum unless there is a real edge
Too many punters play far bigger over these four days than they do normally, stumbling from race to race on the chase as they try to “get out” of trouble. There is no worse punting medium in the world than trying to find the winner of a 28 runner handicap around here, or smashing it on a 6-4 chance with twenty horses trying for their life against it (around an undulating course that is built to provide upsets). If you must play in every race, make sure the stakes are kept small unless you have a strong view or

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