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How To Bet On Football

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How To Bet On Football


Betting may seem similar no matter the sport but when it comes down to it there are nuances to every variation of every sport.  That’s why, here at the Football Betting Guide, we’ve put together this simple guide on “How to Bet on Football”.  Put simply, while it may seem eminently simple to just stick a tenner on United to win the Premier League or on Barcelona to win the Champions League, there are a whole host of different options and permutations that can make your experience all the richer.  Another thing to consider is how you want to bet on football.  Do you want to simply pick the winner without going into details or do you want to analyse every minute statistic and come up with an accumulator based upon first scorers, number of corners or whether there’s going to be a penalty given?  However you want to bet on football, we’re here to help, so take a look at all the stats, strategies and tips we’ve made available to you.


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Football Betting Guide

How To Bet On Football


Along with the standard winner and score bets, whereby you can bet on the winner of a match and the final score, there are a myriad of other choices available to you.  First up in these is the first scorer.  If one player has been dominating his teams scoring charts, then it’s a safe bet that he’s going to be the one to score again, especially if it’s against an opposition he likes.  For instance, it’s always worth having a bet on Fernando Torres scoring against Manchester United, as he loves playing against Nemanja Vidic.  There are also a whole host of opportunities for betting on small details of matches, from corners to free kicks and yellow cards to number of substitutions.  All of these details have a range of in depth statistics to back them up and here at the Football Betting Guide we aim to give you all of these stats to ensure that the how to of football betting does not bog you down.


How To Bet On Football

FootballBettingGuide.net – Your Guide To Football Betting


If you’ve ever wondered how to work out those plus and minus numbers next to odds, well take a look at our Asian Handicap guide, while check out the handy accumulator tips if you’re looking at making a more interesting bet.  If you’re really stumped about how to bet on the football, then check out all the stats, tips and guides you could possibly need throughout the site.  Here at the Football Betting Guide we aim to provide you with everything you could need to make your betting life successful, leaving it up to you how you bet on the football, rather than up to your wallet.


Nowadays there are also a whole host of different in game bets available from next scorer to next card and some even more obscure bets.  Betting on these couldn’t be easier, but you’re going to want to take a look at one of our live streams so that you can see exactly what is going on at any given moment: it’s no good betting on someone to score if he’s promptly substituted.  Everyone has a different idea of how to bet on football, however, so make sure that you find out every snippet of information you can before rushing in head first.  Remember, have fun, too.

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