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When you’ve pieced together that perfect accumulator it’s impossible not to want to check on it every five minutes.  Here at the Football Betting Guide we not only provide you with the stats, tips and guides to help you place the perfect bet, but we then provide you with the means to follow the up to date, live football scores as they happen.  The distinguished gambler is the one who keeps themselves completely up to date with all goings on and what better way than with live scores direct from the games.


With an ever increasing trend for in game bets, live football scores from around the country, continent or even globe can keep you abreast of all the possible permutations.  This way you can take advantage of special in game bets such as next scorer, next corner, next yellow card or next substitution, to name just a few.  While prevalent in sports such as cricket for years, in game betting is really starting to take the football market by the scruff of the neck recently.  Bookmakers are starting to offer excellent offers for clients using their services and so to find out which one is best, you need to be able to compare their prices and their offers.  Here at the Football Betting Guide we provide you with all the tips from across the bookmakers while you can keep yourself completely up to date with our live football scores.


Not only do we provide you with the live scores for the football matches in play, but we also provide you with a wide range of stats about the teams and the matches so that you have everything piece of information you could need right at your fingertips.  A wise gambler is one who keeps all the facts at hand and with the Football Betting Guide, we take the hassle of collecting these facts out of the game so you can spend more time doing what you love to do.


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Live Scores – Latest Football Scores


Don’t miss a goal with our free Live Football Score Centre. Football Betting Guide allows you to keep in touch with the Latest Football Scores where ever you are.

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Live Football Scores – Recommended Bookmakers


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