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Mugging for the camera like a kid at an older sister’s birthday party

Football News | Article posted on March 2nd, 2015

The time after team wins a cup is usually reserved for the players to celebrate. A time for them to dance around, possibly wearing a novelty jester hat in team colours, possibly the lid of the pot they’ve just won atop their bonces. They will do a jig, socks around ankles, wave to those family members that have successfully pestered them for free tickets and generally soak up the glory of achievement. The manager will traditionally be a peripheral figure, hiding at the back of the group, eventually reluctantly and bashfully pushed in front of some photographers to hold the cup aloft. These days, they also might be thrown up in the air by their players in a weird cross between a university initiation ceremony and the birthday bumps. The key is that it should all be low-key. Quiet. Dignified. Traditionally, it not about them.
Which brings us to José Mourinho, who after Chelsea lifted the Milk Cup by default after Tottenham Hotspur very literally failed to turn up at Wembley, their place taken by eleven floating items of laundry, gave tradition one in the eye by looning it up in front of his players, mugging for the camera like a kid at an older sister’s birthday party, upset and bemused as to why someone else was getting all the attention. And, like most of his ostentatious distraction techniques, it worked, with pictures adorning basically every newspaper back page of his most egotistical majesty lying, legs akimbo, in front of his players as they jigged in celebration, like some sort of Jacob’s Creek-addled HR manager who’d overdone it on a work night out.
Still, Mourinho will no doubt tell you he deserves the limelight, and since Manchester City’s own Spurs-esque disappearing act at Liverpool basically donated the title to Chelsea, meaning they are quite possibly the only team in recent history to win two major trophies in one day. City seem to be defending their title like Baldrick and George advancing very slowly across no-man’s land, waving a stick in response to German machine-gun fire. It’s been about as effective as putting sugar paper over the windows of a house when the hurricane warnings come in.
Still, José isn’t letting that harsh his buzz at all. “My career had gone in a different direction, with two seasons without a trophy, and it looked like I was 20 years without a trophy, even to myself,” he own-horn-tooted, champagne and self-congratulation still dripping from his face. “But to have that feeling that two years is a long time, that’s a good problem. For me it’s important to feel I’m still a kid, even at

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