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The Despotism & Ignorance Of Vincent Tan

Editorial | Article posted on March 4th, 2014

The Despotism & Ignorance Of Vincent Tan
By Ian on Mar 4, 2014 in Latest, Opinion | 0 comments

Perhaps now we at least might have some understanding of why Vincent Tan has been so insistent on the subject of changing the colours of Cardiff City’s shirts over this last couple of years or so. By wearing red, all associated with the club are better prepared to mask the redness of their faces as the club’s owner repeatedly drags its name through the mud. The latest revelations to come from The Cardiff City Stadium, however, are of an altogether more serious nature than those that had preceded them, rumours of £3.7m in bonuses being offered to the players before Sunday afternoon’s match at Tottenham Hotspur in direct contravention of Premier League rules over payments to players.
This being Vincent Tan, of course, there was even something mildly ridiculous about the offer being made. Tan’s football knowledge is now such that he saw fit to offer the advice to his players that if they wanted to take advantage of his offer they should “shoot more.” It’s not the first time that Tan has directly intervened in the running of the team, but it is the first time that he has been directly involved in the breaking of rules, and these aren’t FA or Football League rules which, as we have seen on more than one occasion in the past, have a tendency to be thrown by the wayside if they become too inconvenient. The Premier League is a law unto itself, and breaking their rules has the potential to be a different matter for the shower that currently claims to be “running” Cardiff City Football Club.
Last night’s Daily Mail article which first revealed the story might have been over-egging the pudding a little, of course. The club may well receive a fine for Tan’s behaviour at the weekend but, while a points deduction is theoretically possible, it would be surprising if this matter came to such a conclusion. To put Cardiff City at any risk of such a deduction, however, can only be described as irresponsible and stupid. What, we might reasonably ask, would be the reaction if, say, the Premier League did decide to make an example of the club – after all, illegal betting in European club football has been under the microscope over the last few months in a way in which it seldom has been before – and make an example of Cardiff City, deduct it a couple of points, and then for the club to get relegated by that margin come May? Tan’s thoughtlessness would not only have cost his club its place in the Premier League, but also

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