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Title: Could London Have 3 Top Four Finishers?

Editorial | Article posted on December 4th, 2014

For the first month or so of the Premier League season, it looked as if the London clubs may underperform. Chelsea established itself as the favourite just about immediately, Arsenal showed early signs of a frustrating campaign, and West Ham wasn’t initially given the credit it’s since earned. But heading toward 2015, it’s time to take a look at the EPL race that lies ahead, and it’s appearing as if the London clubs could all finish strong. Here’s a look at how that could happen.It starts with Chelsea, and an explanation is hardly needed as to why José Mourinho’s club is on track for a top-four finish. While last weekend brought about a somewhat-surprising draw with Sunderland (Chelsea’s third draw of the season), the question isn’t how they’ll finish but if they have the potential to go unbeaten. For his part, Mourinho was quoted in the Daily Mirror as saying his club wouldn’t go unbeaten, and in all likelihood he’s correct. It’s an incredibly difficult achievement. At this stage, it’s even irresponsible to assume Chelsea will win the title, as defending champion Manchester City is just six points back with roughly two thirds of the season to go. But for the sake of this conversation, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the Blues falling out of the top four.Arsenal is a trickier case. Expectations were fairly high following the signing of Alexis Sanchez over the summer and Danny Welbeck early in the campaign, and with players like Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere healthy to start the campaign. Despite some vulnerability on the defensive end, the club looked prepared to simply outscore most of their opponents so long as the attack found a cohesive rhythm. It didn’t happen immediately, but there have been glimpses of things coming together and despite inconsistency, Arsenal sits just two points shy of Man Utd. for the fourth spot.Perhaps most importantly, Danny Welbeck appears to be starting to reach his potential. Welbeck was a constant threat during a 1-0 loss to Man Utd. though granted, he failed to convert and netted the only goal last weekend in a win over West Brom. According to The National, he’s “looking forward to scoring more” against Southampton in the next contest, which certainly sounds like a player gaining confidence. All in all, the Gunners have not performed well to this point, but they’re still in the mix. If the attack (and Welbeck) continues to improve, the club could end up in the top four.And then there’s West Ham, the most under-appreciated club of the London bunch. Despite a few tough matches of late, West Ham currently boasts the fifth-highest point total in the league and a CV that includes a

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