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Who Will Win The NBA Championship?

Betting Strategies | Article posted on February 14th, 2015

Published: 13th February 2015

– Updated: 13th February 2015
It’s been one of the most open NBA seasons in recent memory, with any number of teams a chance to win the NBA Championship. As we enter the NBA all-star break, today Adam Digby returns to make his NBA Finals prediction and answer the question, who will win the NBA Championship in 2015?
The last few NBA seasons have been notoriously predictable, with the Miami Heat making the Finals for four successive years, even facing the San Antonio Spurs in both the 2013 and 2014 editions. LeBron James deciding to call time on his spell in Florida ended that run, and – along with a number of other moves – his return to Cleveland has led to a far higher level of uncertainty across the basketball landscape.Other decisions have had a comparable level of impact, such as Golden State opting to keep Klay Thompson rather than trade him for Kevin Love, with the play of the former catapulting the Warriors to the top of the Western Conference standings. The injuries suffered by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have prevented Oklahoma City from dominating in their usual manner, allowing other teams to surpass them in the race for the playoffs.With some of the more well-know franchises in the East – as well as the Los Angeles Lakers in the West – entering a long and undoubtedly painful rebuilding process, it seems somewhat strange to see the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks among the basement dwellers. Yet that in turn has led to some notable surprises among the championship contenders, and the league taking an extended break for this month’s All Star festivities in New York offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on what has happened thus far.Who Will Win The NBA Eastern Conference?Undoubtedly the weaker of the league’s two conferences, the playoff picture in the East is difficult to read, and the records of some teams likely to finish in the top eight berths has led to widespread calls to revamp the system. For now though, that means two or three subpar teams will likely enter the post-season despite losing more than half their games, while those with much better records

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