How Does The Moneyline Work In Football Betting?

Did you know that over 70% of new bettors like moneyline bets in football betting? This big number shows how simple and appealing moneyline bets are. Unlike complex bets that need knowledge of odds or point spreads, moneyline betting is easy. You just bet on which team will win.

In this guide, we’ll look at the basics of moneyline bets and how they work. We’ll also see why they’re a great start for beginners. Comparing moneyline bets to easy 2-to-1 odds will help you understand the basic ideas. Plus, we’ll explain what the minus (-) and plus (+) signs mean. They show who the favorites and underdogs are. Whether you want to learn the best strategy or just get the payouts right, this guide helps you.

Key Takeaways

  • Moneyline betting is a straightforward wager on the game’s winner.
  • It is ideal for beginners due to its simplicity and easy-to-understand principles.
  • Favorites are marked by a minus (-) sign, while underdogs are marked by a plus (+) sign.
  • This football betting guide aims to simplify the concept of moneyline betting for newcomers.
  • Understanding moneyline odds is crucial for calculating potential payouts and making informed bets.

What is a Moneyline Bet?

I’ve learned a lot about moneyline betting. It’s key for anyone serious about betting. You just bet on which team will win. No need to think about point spreads.

Definition of Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is quite simple. You choose the team you think will win. No point spreads here. It’s easy, especially for beginners. Odds are shown as positive or negative, showing the underdog or favorite.

Comparison to Other Types of Bets

Moneyline betting is simpler than others. Point spread bets need more team performance insight. They require you to guess the winning margin. Parlays and teasers combine bets, making them complex. But moneyline bets just focus on who wins.

Why Choose Moneyline Betting?

Choosing moneyline betting means liking simplicity. It’s straightforward about potential wins. No dealing with spreads or combos. Moneyline bets often reveal good chances to bet on underdogs. It suits both new and seasoned bettors.

“Moneyline bets offer a straightforward way to enjoy football betting without the hassle of spreads or multipliers. It’s all about who wins, plain and simple.”

Bet Type Complexity Potential Payout
Moneyline Bet Low Variable
Point Spread Bet Medium Variable
Parlay High High
Teaser High High

Understanding Football Moneyline Odds

Football moneyline odds are key in betting. They show the chance of each team winning. Positive odds point to an underdog. Negative odds mean a team is favored.

Explanation of Positive and Negative Odds

Negative odds have a minus sign. They tell you how much to bet to win $100. Positive odds, with a plus sign, show what you win on a $100 bet. For example, -150 requires a $150 bet to win $100. Plus 150 awards $150 for a $100 bet.

How to Read Moneyline Number Odds

To read moneyline odds, look for plus and minus signs with numbers. A -200 moneyline means they are the favorite. You bet $200 to get $100. A +200 moneyline is for the underdog. Here, $100 bets win $200.

Calculation of Payouts

Calculating football moneyline bet payouts is easy. With negative odds, divide 100 by the odds, then multiply by your bet. For positive odds, divide the odds by 100 and multiply by your bet. This helps bettors know what they could win.

Moneyline Favorites and Underdogs in Football

When you bet on football, know the roles of favorites and underdogs. This helps make smart bets. It also makes betting on football more fun.

Identifying the Favorite

The favorite has a minus (-) sign. This sign shows the team likely to win. Say a team is -150. You bet $150 to win $100. Favorites are safer but pay less.

Understanding the Underdog

The underdog has a plus (+) sign. It shows the team likely to lose. An underdog at +200 means $100 wins you $200 if they win. Underdogs are riskier but can pay more.

Implications for Bettors

Betting on favorites means steady rewards, but less money. Betting on underdogs is riskier. Yet, it can bring big rewards. A smart bet involves knowing these risks.

How to Calculate Football Moneyline Payouts

When you bet on football moneylines, knowing how to figure out potential winnings is key. We’ll show you how to do this for favorites and underdogs. You’ll also get to see examples.

Calculating Payouts for Favorites

To find out what you might win betting on a favorite, start with this: Divide 100 by the odds. Then, multiply that by how much you bet. Let’s use the New England Patriots as an example. Say they have odds of -150 and you bet $100 on them:

  1. Divide 100 by 150: 100 / 150 = 0.67
  2. Multiply by your bet: 0.67 * 100 = $67

So, a $100 bet on the Patriots could win you $67.

Calculating Payouts for Underdogs

For underdogs, the method changes a bit. Start by dividing their odds by 100. Next, multiply that by your bet. For example, if the Miami Dolphins have +200 odds and you bet $100, here’s what you do:

  1. Divide 200 by 100: 200 / 100 = 2
  2. Multiply by your bet: 2 * 100 = $200

So, you could win $200 on a $100 bet if the Dolphins win.

Example Calculations

Below are examples showing how to calculate football moneyline payouts:

Team Odds Bet Amount Potential Winnings
Green Bay Packers -120 $100 $83.33
Chicago Bears +250 $100 $250

Factors Influencing Moneyline Odds in Football

There are several things that affect football moneyline odds. These factors change often. This means bettors need to stay sharp.

Team Performance and Records

How a team has played and its history is super important. Looking at team performance records helps guess future wins. Teams that usually do well are often the favorites.

Injuries and Player Availability

Who is hurt or can’t play matters a lot. If a top player is out, their team might not be favored. It’s key to keep up with who’s playing and who’s not.

External Factors and Market Movements

Things like weather and betting trends are big too. Bad weather can mess up a game. Big bets or changes in what people think can shift the odds. This means bettors have to adapt quickly.

Factors Impact on Odds
Team Performance Records Higher performance can shorten odds, making them the favorite
Injuries & Player Availability Absent key players can lengthen odds, reflecting a higher risk
External Factors & Market Movements Weather and market shifts may cause dynamic changes in odds

So, knowing these things helps bettors make better choices. Keep an eye on team performance records, who’s hurt, and market changes. This leads to smarter betting.

Strategies for Football Moneyline Betting

Winning at moneyline betting in football needs a good plan. You must research well and manage your betting cash. Knowing when to bet on an underdog is also key.

Research and Analysis

It’s important to research before betting. Look at how the teams have played before. Think about the weather and how the players are doing. Understanding these can help you make better bets.

Bankroll Management

Managing your betting money is important. Make sure to only use money you are okay with losing. This helps you not lose all your money too fast. Being smart with your money is key to winning over time.

Betting on Underdogs

Sometimes, betting on underdogs is a good idea. They can win you more money. Look for chances where an underdog might beat a favorite. Mixing these bets with safer ones is a good strategy.

Differences Between Moneyline and Point Spread in Football

When betting on football, it’s key to know two main bets: moneyline and point spread. They are different and impact how you plan your bets.

Basic Definitions

When you bet on the moneyline, you pick which team will win. It’s simple. Pick the winner, they win, you win. Point spread bets are about guessing how much a team will win or lose by. The favorite team must win by a certain number of points. The underdog can lose by fewer points or win.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Moneyline bets are easier. You just look at who wins. But, easy bets often pay less, especially on favored teams. Point spread bets level the odds, making betting more balanced. They are more complex but can offer better value.

Which is Better for You?

Which bet to choose depends on what you like and your betting style. Moneyline bets are simpler with clear results. Point spread bets need more game analysis but could be more rewarding. Knowing both helps you bet smarter, based on your risk level and analysis skills.

Look at the comparison table below for more insight:

Aspect Moneyline Point Spread
Nature of Bet Choose the outright winner Predict margin of victory
Complexity Simpler More complex
Payout Potential Often lower on favorites Can be higher due to spread balance
Risk Factor Lower Higher
Use Case Beginner bettors Experienced bettors

This info helps bettors pick the best betting style for them.

Common Mistakes in Football Moneyline Betting

When you bet on football games, knowing common mistakes is important. This helps you bet smarter. You can make better, more profitable choices by avoiding these errors.

moneyline betting mistakes

Overlooking Key Factors

It’s a big mistake to ignore important game factors. These include:

  • Team form and performance: How the team has been playing recently.
  • Injuries and player availability: Missing key players can change a game.
  • Weather conditions: Bad weather can affect how a game is played.

Research these aspects well. It will help you make smarter bets and dodge mistakes.

Betting Based on Emotion

Betting with your heart is another mistake. Letting love for a team or recent games sway you is bad. Stick to facts and data to make bets instead.

Chasing Losses

Trying to win back what you lost by betting more is a risk. This approach can lead to bigger losses. The key is to stay disciplined.

  1. Setting a budget: Decide how much to bet and don’t go over that.
  2. Bankroll management: Increase bets based on wins, not losses.
  3. Sticking to a plan: Have a betting plan and stick to it, no matter what.

Avoid these betting mistakes and follow smart strategies. This way, you can bet better and possibly win more.

Using Moneyline Bets in Parlays and Teasers

In the sports betting world, knowing how to bet makes things more fun. Moneyline bets are simple. But, when you add them to parlays and teasers, they bring more chances to win.

What is a Parlay?

A parlay combines two or more bets into one. You must win all bets in the parlay to win. If one bet loses, the whole parlay is lost. This brings a higher risk but also a bigger reward.


  • Game 1: Patriots moneyline
  • Game 2: Cowboys moneyline
  • Game 3: Seahawks moneyline

For a moneyline parlay, you need all three teams to win. If they win, you get a lot more money than betting on them one by one.

What is a Teaser?

A teaser is a kind of parlay. It lets bettors change the point spread or total. This makes them easier to win than regular parlays. But, you won’t win as much money since you’re more likely to win.

Advantages of Adding Moneyline Bets

Adding moneyline bets to parlays and teasers is smart:

  1. They’re easy. You just pick who wins without thinking about point spreads.
  2. They’re good for games where you know who will win. This helps a lot with parlays.
  3. If you pick underdogs right, you could win more money. This is great for football teases.
Bet Type Description Pros Cons
Parlay Combines multiple bets into one Higher payout Higher risk
Teaser Adjusts point spreads to favor the bettor Greater winning chances Lower payout
Moneyline in Parlay/Teaser Combines simplicity of picking winners with advantages of parlays/teasers Flexibility and potential for higher returns Requires all bets to win

Using moneyline bets wisely in parlays and teasers can balance risk and reward. This suits your betting style with many advantages.

Live Betting on Football Moneylines

Live football moneyline betting is very exciting. You can place bets while the game is happening. The odds change as the game goes on.

Knowing how live betting works is important. It helps you use the benefits but avoid the risks.

How Live Betting Works

In live betting, odds update in real-time. You can bet based on what’s happening in the game.

Advantages and Risks

Live betting lets you react as the game changes. It gives good chances to make smart bets.

But, it’s easy to make quick, unplanned bets. Being careful and informed helps avoid this.

Strategies for Live Betting

A good in-game betting strategy includes a few steps:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep up with the game and gather data to bet smart.
  2. Manage Bets Judiciously: Don’t bet everything on one outcome to lower risks.
  3. Act Swiftly: Bet quickly when you find a good chance, as odds change fast.
Component Description
Stay Informed Continuously monitor game progress and gather updated statistical data.
Manage Bets Judiciously Spread out bets carefully to minimize losses.
Act Swiftly Place bets quickly to capitalize on perceived betting value.

To do well in live football moneyline betting, know the game well. Use a smart betting strategy.

This makes betting fun but still safe.

Sportsbooks and Moneyline Odds

Getting into football moneyline betting? Picking the top sportsbooks is vital. You should look at their reputation, how easy they are to use, and their odds. The right pick can help you win more bets.

Choosing the Right Sportsbook

It’s not just the name that matters when picking a sportsbook. You want one with:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Reliable customer support
  • Competitive odds
  • Strong security measures to protect user data

Comparing Odds Across Sportsbooks

Comparing football moneyline odds at different sportsbooks is key. This is line shopping. It finds small odds differences that might give a better payout. This can make a big difference in close games.

Shop for the Best Lines

Looking for the best lines means finding small odds differences. This can give you an edge. It is really helpful for moneyline bets. Even small odds changes can mean bigger wins.

For example, see this comparison table. It shows moneyline odds from three sportsbooks for a football game:

Sportsbook Favorite Odds Underdog Odds
DraftKings -150 +130
FanDuel -145 +140
BetMGM -155 +135

Looking at DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM’s odds shows why comparing is good. Small differences matter. They add up, making this a top strategy for smart betting.

How Does The Moneyline Work In Football Betting?

Exploring understanding football moneyline means breaking down basic ideas. In football betting, the moneyline is simple: pick the winning team.

understanding football moneyline

The odds show the payout for a $100 bet. Let’s review some important points again:

  1. Favorites vs. Underdogs: Favorites have a minus sign (e.g., -150), so you bet $150 to win $100. Underdogs have a plus sign (e.g., +200). A $100 bet wins you $200 if they win.
  2. Calculating Payouts: It’s key to know how to figure out payouts. For favorites, divide their moneyline by 100 to see the bet needed for $100. For underdogs, divide 100 by their moneyline to find out winnings on a $100 bet.

We’ll show this info visually too:

Team Moneyline Bet Amount Potential Payout
Favorite -150 $150 $100
Underdog +200 $100 $200

By really understanding football moneyline basics, you bet smarter. Remember, each number has a story. This can guide your betting choices well.


I’ve talked a lot about football moneyline betting. This includes the simple parts and the tricky bits. Understanding both the positive and negative odds is key to smart betting.

Finding the favorite and betting smart on underdogs is big. Team performance and injuries matter a lot too. Doing your homework and managing your money right helps you win.

Finally, I highlighted how important it is to compare odds and avoid emotional betting. By using what you’ve learned, you can bet better on football moneylines.


How Does The Moneyline Work In Football Betting?

With moneyline betting, you pick the team you think will win. You don’t have to worry about how much they win by. It’s a simple bet that’s great for new and experienced bettors.

What is a Moneyline Bet?

A moneyline bet means betting on a team to win without looking at points. It’s simple. You get odds based on each team’s chance to win.

How does moneyline betting compare to other types of bets?

Moneyline bets are easier than others like point spreads or parlays. They just focus on picking the winning team. Other bets consider the winning margin or combine several bets.

Why Should I Choose Moneyline Betting?

Moneyline betting is simple and easy to understand. It’s perfect for beginners in sports betting. It avoids the complex rules found in other types of bets.

How Do Moneyline Odds Work?

Moneyline odds use plus and minus signs for underdogs and favorites. Minus means how much to bet to win 0. Plus shows how much you win from a 0 bet.

How Do I Read Moneyline Number Odds?

To read moneyline odds, look at the plus and minus signs. Minus is for favorites, telling you what to bet to get 0. Plus is for underdogs, showing your winnings on 0 bets.

How Are Payouts Calculated in Moneyline Betting?

For favorites, divide 100 by the odds then multiply by your bet. For underdogs, divide their odds by 100 and multiply by your bet. This tells you your possible win or loss.

How Can I Identify the Favorite in Moneyline Betting?

Look for the negative sign to find the favorite. It means they’re expected to win but pay less because they’re likely to.

What Is the Role of an Underdog in Moneyline Betting?

The underdog has a positive sign. They’re less likely to win but pay more if they do.

What Are the Implications for Bettors?

Bettors must choose between playing it safe with favorites or risking more with underdogs. Favorites yield smaller wins. Underdogs offer bigger payouts but are riskier.

How Do I Calculate Payouts for Favorites?

Divide 100 by the favorite’s odds, then multiply by your bet. This shows what you might win.

How Are Payouts for Underdogs Calculated?

To figure out underdog payouts, divide their odds by 100, multiply by your bet. This gives the payout.

Can You Provide an Example Calculation?

For a favorite at -150, bet 0 to win 0. An underdog at +200 makes 0 on a 0 bet.

What Factors Influence Moneyline Odds in Football?

Many things like team performance, injuries, and the weather affect odds. Bettor opinions also change them. Knowing these helps make better bets.

Why Is Research Important in Moneyline Betting?

Researching teams’ history and conditions improves your betting strategy. It ups your chances of winning.

How Should I Manage My Bankroll?

Good bankroll management means wisely choosing how much to bet. Set limits and don’t spend too much. This keeps your betting fun and safe.

Is Betting on Underdogs a Good Strategy?

Underdogs can bring big wins but are riskier. Always consider the risks and do your research before betting on them.

What Are the Differences Between Moneyline and Point Spread Bets?

Moneyline is about picking the winner outright. Point spreads involve winning margins. Moneyline is simpler; spreads offer closer odds but with extra rules.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Moneyline Bets?

Moneyline bets are straightforward with clear odds. The downside is less value on big favorites. Spreads can offer better odds but need more understanding.

Which Betting Type Suits Me Best?

Your choice depends on how simple you want betting to be. Moneyline is simple; point spreads need more understanding but can offer value.

What are common mistakes in football moneyline betting?

Mistakes include not considering team changes or injuries, betting with your heart, and trying to win back losses. Being disciplined and informed helps avoid these.

How Can Emotional Betting Affect Outcomes?

Betting with emotion can lead to bad choices. Stay objective and stick to your strategy for the best chances.

Why Should I Avoid Chasing Losses?

Trying to win back losses by betting more increases risk. Staying steady with your bets is key to long-term success.

What Is a Parlay Bet?

A parlay combines several bets for a big payout. But all bets must win for it to pay off.

What Is a Teaser Bet?

A teaser lets you adjust the points in a parlay for better odds. It’s a way to change risk and reward.

What Are the Advantages of Adding Moneyline Bets to Parlays?

Including moneyline bets in parlays simplifies them and can increase payouts. It works well for strong favorites or underdogs.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting lets you bet during the game, with odds that change as it goes. It’s exciting but needs quick decisions.

What Are the Advantages and Risks of Live Betting?

Live betting offers the chance for smart bets using game trends. But quick changes can lead to snap decisions and mistakes.

What Strategies Can Be Effective for Live Betting?

Good live betting means watching the game closely, betting wisely, and acting quickly. Staying disciplined and informed helps win.

How Do I Choose the Right Sportsbook for Moneyline Betting?

Look for sportsbooks with good reputations, easy to use interfaces, and competitive odds. Comparing them helps find the best bets.

Why Is it Important to Compare Odds Across Sportsbooks?

Comparing odds ensures you get the best returns on your bets. Small odds differences can mean more winnings, so shop around.

How Do I Shop for the Best Lines in Moneyline Betting?

Shopping for the best lines means comparing odds at different sportsbooks. This can give you a betting advantage with better payouts.

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