What Is A Parlay In Football Betting?

Have you heard a $10 parlay bet in football could bring in over $1,000? It’s true, and it’s the big wins that draw people to parlay bets. In football, a parlay adds many bets into one. This means more chance for huge payouts but also more risk.

Knowing how football parlay betting works is important for your betting plan. Big names like BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings have different parlay options. This article will help you understand football parlays better. You’ll get tips to start betting. By the end, you’ll know more about making good bets.

Key Takeaways

  • A parlay combines multiple individual bets into one single wager.
  • Potential payouts can be significantly higher compared to single bets.
  • All included bets must win for the parlay to pay out.
  • Popular platforms like BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings offer parlay betting options.
  • Mastering parlay betting requires understanding both the potential rewards and inherent risks.

Definition and Basics of Parlay Betting

Parlay betting in football is quite fascinating. It mixes several bets into one big wager. This can lead to big wins but also big risks. Let’s learn what this betting style is all about.

Definition of a Parlay Bet

A parlay bet is also called an accumulator. It bundles many bets into one. What Is A Parlay In Football Betting? It is linking two or more bets as one. You must win all bets to get money. More games mean bigger potential wins but it’s harder to win.

Understanding Individual Wagers in Parlays

You need every bet in a parlay to win. Odds are turned into decimal form and multiplied. Then, this number is multiplied by your bet to find winnings. This is why parlays are so thrilling but tricky.

How Do Parlays Work in Football Betting?

For anyone betting on football, knowing about parlays is key. So, what are parlays? They let you make one big bet from many small ones. This can lead to big wins but also has more risk.

Mechanics of Combining Bets

In football betting, a parlay is when you pick different bets from one or many games. These can be point spreads, moneylines, or totals. All these bets get combined together. The total odds of a parlay are found by multiplying the odds of each bet. So, football parlay odds can be a lot higher than for single bets.

Winning and Losing Conditions

To win a parlay, every bet in it needs to win. If just one bet loses, the whole parlay is lost. But, if a game is canceled or ends in a push, that bet is taken out of the parlay. The odds get adjusted too. This is why it’s important to understand parlays in football betting well.

Different Types of Parlay Bets in Football

Football parlay bets come in many kinds. Bettors pick these to boost possible returns and shape their betting plans. We’ll look at each kind and their special traits.

Standard Parlays

Standard parlays combine bets from separate games into one. You must win each bet in the parlay to win overall.

Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers and pleasers are parlay variants. In teasers, you can change spreads or totals for better odds, but you get less money if you win. Pleasers make the game harder to win, but pay more if you do.

Same Game Parlays

Same game parlays involve bets from one game. This type adds fun and can lead to big wins from one game.

Progressive Parlays

Progressive parlays let you win even if not all bets are right. If some, but not all, bets win, you still get some money.

Round Robin Bets

Round robin bets create many small parlays from outcomes. This strategy improves chances to win something, even if some bets lose.

Knowing the types of parlay bets in football helps you bet smarter. Different bets offer different risks and rewards.

Type of Parlay Bet Description
Standard Parlays Combining bets from different games. All selections must win.
Teasers Adjusting spreads/totals to favorable conditions. Lower payout.
Pleasers Making conditions tougher for higher payouts.
Same Game Parlays Combining multiple bets from a single game.
Progressive Parlays Partial wins still yield a reduced payout.
Round Robin Bets Multiple smaller parlay combinations from a list of outcomes.

Calculating Football Parlay Odds

Do you want to know how to increase your football betting wins? It’s key to understand football parlay odds. Learn to switch American odds to decimal odds. Also, try out tools for parlay calculations. They help you see your possible winnings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Calculation

Here’s how you can figure out your parlay odds:

  1. Change each bet in your parlay from American odds to decimal odds. If the odds are positive, divide by 100 and add one. For negative odds, divide 100 by the odds’ absolute value and then add one.
  2. Next, multiply all the decimal odds together. This gives you the total odds for your parlay.
  3. Then, multiply the total odds by how much you bet to see what you could win.
  4. Finally, subtract what you bet to find out your profit.

Even though it sounds hard, with some practice and the right tools, it gets easy.

Tools to Aid in Calculations

Good news! There are easy tools out there to help you calculate. These tools figure out your winnings when you enter the odds and your bet:

  • Online Parlay Calculators: Easy to find and simple to use. Just input the odds and your bet for an instant payout result.
  • Sportsbook Tools: Sites like BetMGM and DraftKings have calculators to use easily.

These tools make the process smoother. They offer a reliable guide to better your betting strategies.

Benefits of Parlay Bets in Football

The benefits of parlay bets in football are great for all bettors. They offer a chance to win more money by combining bets. This can lead to bigger wins from small amounts.

Increased Payouts

Many are drawn to the big win possibilities of parlay bets. Combining several bets into one can give you bigger payouts. This means you could win a lot from a small bet.

benefits of parlay bets in football

Lower Initial Stakes

Parlay bets are also great because they don’t require much money to start. You can bet a small amount and still win big. This makes it easy for more people to try betting without spending a lot.

Factors Parlay Betting Individual Betting
Initial Stake Lower Variable
Payout Potential Higher (Due to Combined Odds) Standard per Bet
Risk Level Higher Lower

In summary, parlay bets in football are great because they offer big win chances. They let you bet a little but win a lot. This is why many love them.

Risks Associated with Parlay Betting

Sports betting has risks, especially with parlay betting. This bet type can give big returns but is very risky.

Complexity and Higher Risk

Parlay betting is complex. It mixes many bets into one. All parts of the bet must win, or you lose everything.

Sportsbooks know it’s tricky. They make more money on parlays than single bets.

Lower Probability of Winning

Winning chance drops with each added bet. Think of parlays as fun, not a way to make money.

Big payouts seem great but don’t forget how hard winning can be.

Parlay Strategy in Football Betting

When you bet on parlays in football, having a good plan is key. It’s important to balance the chance of winning with the risk. A strong parlay strategy in football betting helps you manage that balance.

Balancing Risk and Reward

Managing your risk in parlay betting means not going too far. It’s smart to avoid parlays that are too risky. Focus on games that you’re more likely to win.

Choosing the Right Number of Bets

Picking how many bets to make is super important. Adding too many bets to a parlay can make winning hard. It’s better to choose a few bets that you’ve looked into well.

To show why the number of bets matters, here’s a table:

Number of Bets Estimated Payout Win Probability
2 $50 75%
3 $150 60%
4 $300 45%

This table shows that more bets can mean more money, but also less chance to win. Good risk management in parlay betting means understanding these things. This helps bettors have the best chance to win.

Examples of Football Parlay Bets

In football betting, you can mix several bets into one. This raises the chance to win more money. Let’s look at some football parlay examples.

  1. Baltimore Ravens -6.5 vs. Miami Dolphins
  2. New England Patriots -3 vs. Buffalo Bills
  3. Kansas City Chiefs +2.5 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

With a parlay, these bets merge into one for a bigger win. It shows how adding bets can up your possible money.

Another example is mixing over/under totals with moneylines. Look at these real parlay bet scenarios:

  • Over 48.5 points in the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game
  • San Francisco 49ers moneyline vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Under 45.5 points in the Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders game

This mix can make parlays thrilling and can pay out well. Still, remember parlays come with more risk.

How to Place a Parlay Bet on Mobile Platforms

Putting a parlay bet on mobile has never been simpler. This is thanks to easy-to-use apps. To bet on mobile, just follow a few steps on different platforms.

Betting on BetMGM

To bet a parlay on BetMGM, first pick the sport and bets you like. Put them on your bet slip. Then, hit the parlay option, add your money, and make the bet. BetMGM’s app shows what you might win and warns if bets can’t be combined.

Betting on FanDuel

For a FanDuel parlay, start the app and look for sports events. Pick the bets you want to mix, and they go right into your bet slip. It’s easy to turn these into a parlay in the app. Just choose parlay, add your bet money, and you’re done. FanDuel’s app guides you smoothly, perfect for new bettors.

Betting on DraftKings

On DraftKings, the process is alike. Log in, find the sport, and pick your bets. Add them to your bet slip and press the parlay button. Set your bet amount, confirm, and place your bet. DraftKings shows your possible wins and any bet limits.

Using top platforms like BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings makes mobile parlay betting easy. They give bettors a great way to up their game. By knowing how to use their features, bettors can win more with the ease of mobile use.

Understanding the Odds and Payouts

Learning about odds and payouts in parlay betting can make your strategy better. It’s about knowing how American odds change to decimal odds. And how these changes affect what you could win.

Converting American Odds to Decimal Odds

American odds show up as positive or negative numbers. To change positive American odds to decimal, divide the odds by 100 and then add 1. For negative American odds, divide 100 by the odds (leave out the minus sign) and add 1. This easy football betting odds conversion step is key to figure out what you might win correctly.

Football betting odds conversion

Examples of Payout Calculations

Looking at parlay payout examples shows how much you can win from parlay bets. Imagine you put together three bets with odds of 1.91, 2.05, and 2.50. Their odds together would be 1.91 times 2.05 times 2.50, making 9.78. So, a $100 bet could return $978. This shows how parlays can pay more than single bets.

What Happens to a Parlay Bet in a Canceled Game?

When a game in a parlay is canceled, it changes your bet a lot. It’s key to know the canceled game parlay rules for managing your bets. Usually, sportsbooks just take out the canceled game from the bet. They then make your parlay smaller. They also change the odds based on the games still happening.

Let’s say you bet on three NFL games together. If one game gets canceled, your bet changes. It becomes a two-game parlay instead. The amount you could win is then updated.

Games getting canceled is something we can’t control. But knowing how sportsbooks deal with canceled game parlay rules helps you plan better. Let’s look at how some of the top sportsbooks handle these situations:

Sportsbook Adjustment Rule
DraftKings Converts the parlay to include only remaining active games and recalculates odds.
FanDuel Similar adjustment; removes canceled games and recalculates based on active ones.
BetMGM Automatically adjusts the parlay to exclude canceled games and recalculates payouts.

Different sportsbooks might change parlays in their own ways. So, it’s good to know their rules. Understanding these rules helps in making better betting decisions.

Why Some Bettors Avoid Parlays

Many seasoned bettors stay away from parlay bets. They find it hard to win them often. The big payouts from parlays seem great, but the odds from sportsbooks make winning tough. This means over time, parlays usually lose money, unlike single bets.

Experienced bettors like single wagers better. They focus on one game at a time and manage risks well. Below is a table showing how parlay and single bets are different:

Aspect Parlay Bets Single Bets
Potential Payouts High Moderate
Risk Level High Low to Moderate
Winning Probability Low High
Long-term Expected Value Negative Neutral/Positive

Skipping parlay bets is a smart strategy for serious bettors. It helps manage risk and increase long-term winnings.

Common Mistakes in Parlay Betting

Some bettors think adding more bets to their parlay means a bigger win. This often leads to losses because risks in parlays add up.

Overloading Parlays with Too Many Bets

A big mistake is putting too many bets in a parlay. Adding more wagers looks appealing for a larger reward. But, each extra bet reduces the chance of winning. The more you add, the harder it is to win big.

Knowing this helps bettors avoid the problem of overloaded parlays. They can pick bets more wisely instead.

Ignoring the Risks

Another mistake is not seeing the risk factors in parlays. Even smart bettors miss this, especially with long-shot parlays. This can lead to losses and regret.

Learning about these errors and planning carefully can really help win at parlay betting.

What Is A Parlay In Football Betting?

A parlay in football betting lets you group many bets into one. You’re betting on many outcomes to all win. If all bets win, so does the parlay. The payout is bigger than betting on each alone.

Looking into parlay bets shows a blend of risk and big win chances. By connecting many wagers, the possible win grows. Yet, guessing every outcome right is tough. Bettors should think over each bet in their parlay carefully.

Parlays make football more exciting for everyone. They combine many game outcomes for a big win chance. This means thinking smart and planning well is key. Every bet in the parlay matters for the final win.

In short, parlay bets mix the thrill of several outcomes in one bet. It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy needing all bets to win. This clever approach ups the excitement and possible wins in football betting.


Learning to bet on parlays in football is exciting. But, you need to know the risks too. This article talked about how parlays work, their kinds, and how to figure out odds and payouts. Remember, though parlay bets can bring big wins, they’re also risky.

To get good at parlay bets, follow smart betting tips. Do your homework and manage your money wisely. Think about how many bets to include in your parlay. It’s smart to compare what you might win to how likely you are to win each bet. This helps you make better choices.

Success in football betting comes from knowing the game well, analyzing each bet, and taking smart risks. If you keep these ideas in mind, betting on football can be fun and safe. This smart and informed way of betting is key to having a good time and making money.


What is a parlay in football betting?

In football betting, a parlay combines two or more bets into one. Each “leg” must win for the parlay to pay out. These bets involve point spreads, moneylines, or totals.

How do individual wagers work within a parlay?

Each bet in a parlay must win for the parlay to succeed. If one leg loses, the whole parlay is lost. This makes parlays risky but they can give big rewards.

How do parlays work in football betting?

You pick multiple bets from different or the same game for a parlay. The odds are combined. To win, all chosen bets must win.

What are the different types of parlay bets in football?

Football parlays include standard parlays, teasers, pleasers, and more. Each has unique rules that affect odds and payouts.

How do I calculate football parlay odds?

Convert each leg’s odds to decimals, then multiply together. Multiply the result by your stake for possible winnings. Subtract your stake to get the net payout.

What are the benefits of parlay bets in football?

Parlays can give higher payouts than single bets. They offer a chance for a big return from a small stake. This makes them appealing to those seeking big rewards.

What risks are associated with parlay betting?

The main risks are complexity and a lower chance of winning. Sportsbooks also make more money on parlays than single bets.

What strategies can I use for parlay betting in football?

Pick a few bets for each parlay, and use good insights for each leg. Avoid very risky parlays unless you’re ready for the high risk.

Can you provide examples of football parlay bets?

For instance, a bettor might combine point spreads from different games. Or mix over/unders and moneylines from various matches in one parlay for a larger return.

How do I place a parlay bet on mobile platforms like BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings?

To place a parlay, add your bets to the bet slip on your app. Then choose parlay, enter how much you want to wager, and submit the bet. Each app helps make this easy.

How do I understand the odds and payouts in parlay betting?

To understand, convert odds to decimal form, multiply them, and figure out possible returns. Use examples and calculators to learn more.

What happens to a parlay bet if one game is canceled?

If a game in a parlay is canceled, it’s taken out of the bet. Say a three-game parlay would turn into a two-game parlay with new odds.

Why do some bettors avoid parlays?

Some avoid parlays because of the high risk and lower expected value. The need for all legs to win makes them less appealing over single bets for serious bettors.

What are common mistakes in parlay betting?

Common mistakes include adding too many bets to a parlay, reducing winning chances, and underestimating risks. Learning about these can lead to smarter betting choices.

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