What Is An Octopus In Football Betting?

In the 2021 NFL season, there were 13 successful Octopus bets. That’s pretty cool for a rare bet! Octopus betting means a player scores a touchdown and then gets a two-point conversion right after. It’s like the eight tentacles of an octopus because it’s an 8-point play.

Betting on an octopus is thrilling. It’s all about taking big risks for big rewards. People love to make these bets during the Super Bowl. It’s because big plays are expected then. Knowing how octopus betting works can make watching football more fun and might even win you some money.

Key Takeaways

  • Octopus Betting involves an 8-point play sequence by a single player.
  • The term draws a parallel to the eight tentacles of an octopus.
  • This type of bet has seen increasing popularity during major NFL events.
  • There were 13 successful Octopus bets in the 2021 NFL season.
  • Understanding the specifics of Octopus football betting adds a new layer to your betting strategy.

Understanding the Term: What Is An Octopus In Football Betting?

The octopus bet in football betting is unique and exciting. It is a special kind of bet. It draws many sports bettors because it’s different and can bring big rewards.

Definition of an Octopus Bet

An octopus bet is when a NFL player does two things. They must score a touchdown and do a two-point conversion. The player has to be part of both actions: getting the touchdown and the two-point conversion right after.

How the Term Was Coined

Mitch Goldich, a sportswriter, came up with “octopus” in 2018. He saw an NFL game where a player did this special play. So, he named this achievement after an octopus. The term has become popular among bettors since.

Significance of the Bet

The octopus bet is special because it’s rare and adds excitement. It’s not like other bets on game outcomes or player performance. The octopus bet needs a specific and rare event to happen. So, it gives a chance for a big reward if you’re willing to bet on this exciting event.

The Origin of the Octopus Bet

The Octopus bet started in a surprising way during an NFL game. It mixed the fun of football with the surprise of sports betting. Mitch Goldich saw a unique scoring moment. This led to creating a known term in betting.

The Story Behind the Term

In 2018, a game had a moment that caught everyone’s eye. It was between the Carolina Panthers and the Washington Commanders. Wide receiver Torrey Smith did something special.

Mitch Goldich made a tweet about needing a name for it. His friend Mike Wallace called it “Octopus.” This term perfectly describes getting eight points in one go. It’s a touchdown plus a two-point play, explained in football betting octopus prediction.

The Impact of Mitch Goldich’s Tweet

Goldich’s tweet became very popular fast. It helped make “Octopus” a big term in football betting. The Octopus bet origin started here. Now, bettors use it to talk about scoring eight points in one turn. This shows how social media can make a simple idea big in sports betting.

How the Octopus Bet Became Popular

The Octopus bet has become more well-known among football fans and betting places. It stands out because of its special way to win big money. Over time, people have enjoyed its thrill and complexity, making it more popular.

Rise in Popularity Over the Years

The Octopus bet got more popular when betting sites introduced special bets for big games like the Super Bowl. This type of bet brought a new level of fun and strategy to watching the game. More people started to place bets, making it a favorite among bettors.

Current Trends and Examples

Today, the Octopus bet is more exciting than ever in football betting. For example, Jalen Hurts made a notable Octopus play in Super Bowl LVII. Such moments show how this bet can lead to big wins, attracting more people to try it. Now, it’s a key feature in major football games and a chance for big rewards.

Rules for an Octopus Bet in the NFL

NFL Octopus bet rules

The Octopus bet in NFL has special rules. They show how to score and what doesn’t count. Knowing these rules helps bettors enjoy football betting more.

Scoring Requirements

To win an NFL Octopus bet, one player must score a touchdown and a two-point conversion. The same player needs to do both one after the other. This is rare and exciting for those who bet, as it needs skill and good timing.

Bettors study player stats and game situations to guess who might score in this way.

Why Throwing a TD Pass Doesn’t Count

For the NFL Octopus bet rules, a quarterback throwing a touchdown pass doesn’t count. The player must carry or catch the ball into the end zone. This keeps the rules clear and fair while making correct predictions a challenge.

Frequency of Octopus Bets in the NFL

The NFL octopus bet is pretty rare, happening just a few times each season. It needs very special game moments to succeed. A player must get a touchdown and then a two-point conversion right after.

A big reason why we don’t see it much is the two-point conversion. It’s not a common choice for most games. Teams usually pick the extra point kick. It’s safer unless they really need to catch up. Plus, the same player has to do both the touchdown and conversion.

The following table showcases how rare these moments are in recent seasons:

Season No. of Octopus Bets Notable Players
2019 3 Jarvis Landry, Michael Thomas
2020 2 Davante Adams, Alvin Kamara
2021 4 Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle
2022 2 Cooper Kupp, Justin Jefferson

Looking at the NFL octopus bet stats gives us cool insights. These rare plays bring lots of excitement. They are big deals for players and bettors alike.

Players Known for Octopus Bets

Learning about NFL players known for their Octopus bets makes football betting more exciting. Over time, certain players have really stood out for doing this.

Historical Instances

Todd Gurley and Randy Moss are legends for Octopus bets in the NFL. They helped their teams win and became famous for it. Scoring a touchdown and adding a two-point conversion in one drive made them stars.

Recent Octopus Achievements

Lately, players like Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts have changed how we see Octopus bets. They’re known for scoring eight points when it really counts. For example, Jalen Hurts’ amazing plays during big games have shown his skill and courage.

Player Team Octopus Bets Achieved
Todd Gurley Los Angeles Rams 3
Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots 2
Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs 1
Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles 2

We see the talent and hard work needed for these football bets from both past and present stories. The way these players keep making history shows how exciting Octopus bets are.

Football Betting Octopus Strategy

Master Octopus betting tips by looking deep into certain football game parts. We’ll cover three key strategies to help you win more.

Analyzing Potential Winners

For analyzing Octopus betting, finding likely winners is key. Look for players who can score a lot and do two-point plays. Check their past games, health, and current play to find these stars.

Identifying Close Games

Tight games are perfect for Octopus bets. When matches are close, teams try two-point conversions to win. Spotting these games boosts your chances of nailing Octopus betting tips.

Teams with High Two-Point Conversion Rates

Knowing team patterns is vital in analyzing Octopus betting. Some teams do great at two-point conversions. Find and focus on these teams for a better bet strategy.

See this table for team’s two-point success. It helps you make smarter bets.

Team Two-Point Conversion Success Rate (%) Notable Players
Kansas City Chiefs 63 Patrick Mahomes
Green Bay Packers 70 Aaron Rodgers
Baltimore Ravens 75 Lamar Jackson

Octopus Prediction Betting and Outcomes

Octopus prediction betting has grown a lot among football fans. It’s important to get how this betting works. It can really help with your betting plans and wins.

Octopus Prediction for Today’s Game

Looking at today’s football games, check how players did before and their chance to score again. Predictions make the game more fun. They also offer big wins because they are not common. Making an Octopus bet is exciting but hard.

Octopus prediction betting

Impact on Betting Odds

The impact on football betting odds is big with Octopus predictions. Bookies change their odds by looking at past games and team play. This changes how we see betting, making smart bets more valuable.

Team Octopus Bet Frequency Influence on Odds
Kansas City Chiefs High Significant
Buffalo Bills Moderate Moderate
New England Patriots Low Low

Whether you bet a lot or just started, knowing about Octopus bets helps. It gives you an edge in betting.

High-Risk, High-Reward of Octopus Bets

High-risk betting is not for everyone. But for those who love excitement, octopus bets are special. They are rare in football betting. They have complex rules but offer big rewards.

What Makes It a High-Risk Bet

Octopus bets are high-risk betting. They need a specific series of events to win. A player must score a touchdown and a two-point conversion. This makes these bets rare and speculative.

Potential Rewards and Payouts

The rewards of octopus bet rewards are big. Sports betting sites give higher odds for these bets. This is because it’s hard to get both a touchdown and a two-point by the same player. Winners get a lot of money.

Bet Type Risk Level Average Payout
Octopus Bet High $100 to $1500
Touchdown Only Moderate $10 to $100
Field Goal Low $5 to $50

Octopus bets give bigger rewards than simpler bets. They are very appealing for experienced bettors. They are high-risk but can bring in a lot of money.

Case Study: The Super Bowl Octopus

The Octopus bet is big news in Super Bowl games. People love and talk about it a lot. It changes how folks enjoy and think about the game.

Famous Instances During Super Bowl Games

At Super Bowl LVII, Jalen Hurts scored an Octopus, exciting everyone watching. This move means a touchdown and then another two points. It shows why the Octopus bet is both fun and important.

Impact on the Game Outcome

This case study shows two big effects. It makes the game more fun and changes bets. When an Octopus happens, it can change who wins and loses. This is why it’s key for future games.

Tips for Successful Octopus Betting

Betting on octopus plays is exciting but needs smart thinking. Having some good tips can greatly boost your chances. It makes a big difference in winning your bets.

Finding the Right Games to Bet On

Choosing the best games is key for octopus bet wins. Look for games with coaches who are bold, especially in tight situations. Teams daring in two-point tries in such games are what you should bet on.

Researching Team Dynamics and Player Stats

Doing your homework is super important. Knowing how teams and important players perform helps in making smart bets. Seek out teams and players with a good track record in two-point attempts.

Look at these important facts for making bets:

  • Two-Point Conversion Attempts – See how much a team tries for two-point conversions.
  • Conversion Success Rates – Check how often a team succeeds in these attempts.
  • Player Involvement – Pay attention to players who shine in these key moments.
Team Two-Point Attempts Success Rate Key Player
Kansas City Chiefs 15 80% Travis Kelce
Baltimore Ravens 12 75% Lamar Jackson
Philadelphia Eagles 10 70% Jalen Hurts

Comparing Octopus Bets with Other Prop Bets

Prop bets on player performances are popular in football betting. But Octopus bets stand out. They are rare and involve scoring a touchdown plus a two-point conversion by the same player. This makes betting more complex and interesting.

Differences and Similarities

Let’s look at how Octopus bets differ from other prop bets. Other bets might cover passing yards or interceptions. Octopus bets, however, require a specific play sequence. They are less common but offer big rewards.

Both bet types enhance game engagement beyond just the score. But Octopus bets add an extra thrill by needing special conditions to win.

Popularity and Betting Trends

Interest in Octopus bets is growing among NFL fans. They like the big risks and rewards. Though they’re not as common, these bets are becoming more popular.

More high-profile games have seen successful Octopus bets. Betting sites now offer more options for these bets. Their popularity is clearly on the rise.


What is the definition of an Octopus Bet?

It’s a unique football bet. It happens when a player scores a touchdown. Then, they also make a two-point conversion in the same drive.

How was the term ‘Octopus Bet’ coined?

Mitch Goldich came up with it in 2018. This was after seeing Torrey Smith score a touchdown and a two-point conversion in one drive. Mike Wallace suggested ‘Octopus’, and it stuck.

What is the significance of an Octopus Bet in football betting?

This bet is exciting because it’s rare and offers big rewards. It’s very popular at big games, like the Super Bowl.

What is the story behind the origin of the Octopus Bet?

Mitch Goldich first saw this type of scoring in 2018. He noticed it when Torrey Smith played an NFL game. That’s how the Octopus Bet name got started.

How did Mitch Goldich’s tweet impact the bet’s terminology?

Goldich’s tweet asking for a name led to ‘Octopus’ being chosen. Now, it’s a common term in betting.

How has the Octopus Bet grown in popularity?

It’s become more popular, especially during big NFL games. Sportsbooks even offer special bets for it now.

What are some current trends and examples of Octopus Bets?

Lately, players like Jalen Hurts have made Octopus Bets. This shows they’re getting more common and changing the game and bets.

What are the scoring requirements for an Octopus Bet to be valid?

For an Octopus Bet, a player must score a touchdown and a two-point conversion by themselves. Quarterback passes or other scores don’t count here.

Why doesn’t throwing a TD pass qualify for an Octopus Bet?

Throwing a TD pass doesn’t count. The player must carry the ball into the end zone for both scores.

How frequent are Octopus Bets in the NFL?

These bets are rare, happening a few times each season. This is because specific plays are needed for both scores.

Which players are known for achieving Octopus Bets?

Players like Todd Gurley and Randy Moss have done it before. Recently, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts have also achieved it.

What are some strategies for football betting on Octopus Bets?

Good strategies involve studying players and games. Look for games where two-point conversions are likely. Choose teams that are good at two-point conversions.

How do Octopus predictions for today’s game influence betting outcomes?

Predictions change betting odds because Octopus events are rare. The long odds can lead to big payouts. This affects how people bet.

What makes Octopus Bets high-risk?

They’re risky because they don’t happen often. Yet, they offer big rewards due to the high payouts available.

Can you provide a case study of a famous Super Bowl Octopus Bet?

Jalen Hurts’ Octopus in Super Bowl LVII is a great example. It changed the game and betting, showing why these bets are exciting and lucrative.

What tips can help in making successful Octopus Bets?

To win, look for matchups that may have two-point tries. Study team plans and player stats closely.

How do Octopus Bets compare to other prop bets?

Octopus Bets are rarer and more specific than other prop bets. They offer bigger risks but also bigger rewards, attracting those looking for unique betting options.

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